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Legambiente promotes volunteering in several forms. One of the most meaningful and popular is the volunteer camp. An experience in close contact with the environment in which the volunteer has the privilege to live, work and engage with people from other countries and cultures, always according to the main principles of sustainability and ecology.

The desire to give their free time to the welfare of everyone and to get to know people from all over the world, combined with the ideal of protecting the nature that surround us, motivate the people who launch themselves in the little adventures that the environmental volunteer camps are.

The camp is a vehicle to convey positive messages, both for the volunteers and for everyone who gets in touch with this unique experience, which makes possible to realize some actions or activities otherwise difficult to accomplish.

In addition to the possibility of sending young Italians abroad, Legambiente Lecco organizes volunteer camps on its territory. This choice stems from the need to preserve the territory itself, to promote it and value it abroad, but also to protect it and try to convey the beliefs of Legambiente in the protected natural areas which host the camps.


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  • Operational headquarters:
    Via Cairoli, 67
    23900 - Lecco (LC)
  • Registered Office: Via Balassi, SNC
    Loc. Eremo di Monte Barro
    23851 - Galbiate (LC)
  • P. IVA: 02460240134

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