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Political Activity

The political activity of the club started in 1978 in regards to the topic of the opening of an incinerator in Valmadrera and was the starting point of a political commitment which is still active and attentive to local issues.

The club has tried over the years to be involved in both awareness campaigns and territorial times of reflection, organizing meetings, conferences and debates.

It also tried to be part of the places where political and administrative decisions are taken, to influence them in order to achieve an environmentally sustainable development of the area.

It presented, along with the Lario Sponda Orientale club, remarks on town planning and construction projects, on the adaptation of the Territorial Plan for Provincial Coordination (PTCP) of the Law 12/2005, on the Government Territory Plans of the towns in the Province, on the Sector Plan of the public property of the lake.

It developed and presented, with other environmental groups in the Province of Lecco, remarks on the Wildlife Plan and the Cave Plan with a focus on the Cornizzolo within the “Coordinamento Cornizzolo”.

It researched and spoke on topics concerning the protection of the streams originated by excessive concessions for the exploitation of water with small hydrous and the rationalization of ski resorts with references to PTRA Valli Alpine.

In 2011, together with the Lario Sponda Orientale club, it organized at Villa Monastero the conference "Il Bel Paese si specchia nel Lario" (the good town is reflected on Lake Como), which records where published.

Since 2010 it is active in the group “OCCHI sul PIAN di SPAGNA” (eyes on the Pian di Spagna), in which all the environmental groups participate in promoting guided tours for schools, conferences, awareness days by foot or by bike.

In 2014 the serious management problems of the Pian di Spagna Reserve and Lake Mezzola also encouraged the association to intervene on the issue of the contaminated areas of Novate Mezzola and Samolaco, which are situated on the boarder of the Reserve and the Siti Natura 2000.

In addition, together with the Clubs Coordination of the Province of Lecco, it actively monitors the evolution of the policies of the SILEA incinerator in Valmadrera, with the aim of reducing waste production and its percentage of non-recyclable fraction, as well as to close it when its utility will come to an end.

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  • Operational headquarters:
    Via Cairoli, 67
    23900 - Lecco (LC)
  • Registered Office: Via Balassi, SNC
    Loc. Eremo di Monte Barro
    23851 - Galbiate (LC)
  • P. IVA: 02460240134

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