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For many years Legambiente Lecco, through its volunteers, has entered in local schools. Collaborating with some of the teachers of schools of different degrees, we try to operate in the field of environmental education, in which the association has proven over time to be a reference point for operators and citizens.

Topics like recycling and reusing, energy conservation and waste management are built into educational activities and games, in order to use an easy and informal approach to stimulate reflections and to spread to younger generations a new way of thinking, more environmentally sustainable and less selfish, which is needed for a cultural change.

During this school year, the project specifically focuses on food and its impact on the environment: Legambiente volunteers have organized different activities depending on the age of the students to make them reflect on food production and how much the purchase and consumption of a product instead of another can have a big impact. It is a pilot project, with several proposals on random sampling of some classes with the idea of developing, for the future, a larger program for the whole territory.

Overall, Legambiente is willing to take action on any topic within its competence if requested from the schools, carrying to children and young people enthusiasm and skills to build a better future.

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  • Operational headquarters:
    Via Cairoli, 67
    23900 - Lecco (LC)
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    Loc. Eremo di Monte Barro
    23851 - Galbiate (LC)
  • P. IVA: 02460240134

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