Legambiente Lecco partners with the Cultural District of Barro for the SprecoZero project.

In collaboration with the municipalities joined in the district, we are monitoring the shops, canteens and food services of our territory, with the aim to collect real data on food waste.

Concretely, the project starts with an operation of mapping of wastefulness through a simple questionnaire submitted to the operators, and continues with the analysis of data and proposal of counter-actions for the waste situation, such as the introduction of a doggy- bag for the store leftovers.

As part of the cultural change that Legambiente aims to develop, we believe that on the Lecco area is crucial, in the wake of the national legislative debate, to move forward a way of restriction of waste, "best practices" for the management of food, which are real scope of action of citizens and families.

The greatly positive environmental impact of a sustainable management of food production and distribution can only make this topic one of primarily relevance in the everyday work of Legambiente.


restaurants involved in this project


Antica Osteria Casa di Lucia

Crotto del Capraio

Eremo di Monte Barro

Gleesons Irish pub

Herba Monstrum

Osteria Olga

Pizzeria De Castell

Pizzeria Gilli

Pizzeria San Gennaro

Ristorante Pizzeria Sirena

Ristorante Positano

Taverna Ai Poggi

Trattoria Bell'Om

Trattoria Cantù

Trattoria Giovannella in Canto

Via Lucia, 27. Loc. Acquate, Lecco

Via del Pozzo, 40, Civate

Eremo del Monte Barro, Galbiate

Via Milano, 5. Olginate

Via Ettore Monti, 31, Galbiate

Via Poncione,7 Lecco

Via Antonio Fogazzaro, 23, Lecco

Via Manzoni, 27, Monte Marenzo

Via Volta, 16 Malgrate

Via Roma 15, Vercurago

Via Malpensata, 7/A, Lecco

Via ai Poggi, 14, Lecco

P.zza Don G. Zucca, 7, Galbiate

Via Milano, 97, Olginate

Via ai Poggi, 45, Lecco

0341 494594

0341 210229

0341 240525

347 1255025

0341 282363

0341 422030

0341 361306

0341 603306

0341 202496

0341 420221

0341 282616

0341 494591

0341 540142

0341 604235

0341 495089


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